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Book By Author:  Némo

 The Tales on the Sand
 Short Stories / Collection

This book has been written to reach out and grab the attention of anyone who is interested in spirit, near death experiences, ghosts, reincarnation, channeling, or the afterlife and it has been encompassed into a collection of short spiritual stories that are easy to grasp and can be read both passively or actively for it is totally down to the reader of what is actually being ascertained in the reading of this book. One can read the stories and let them wash over them and immerse oneself in their spiritual wisdom, or one can put their innate thinking cap on and grasp the hidden metaphors, hypothesis’s and allusions that are entwined within the literature.

The book is split into three distinctive parts and it will have you riveted to your seat as you contemplate a 21st Century God in part one with its esoteric allegories such as The Sleeping God, The Eternal Bear Story, or The Bridge Within Eternity, petrified in part two with The Ghostly Captive and The Nature of the Beast and it will have your very soul in leaps and bounds in part three with The Gatekeeper Part one and two and it will have your romantic spider senses tingling with delight with Ebony and transcending the physical dimensions with its penultimate tale The White Knight. The book finishes with a series of spiritual metaphors for the reader to mull over and enjoy at his or her own leisure.

All the above and so much more awaits you once you begin to go on this epic odyssey of modern literature and I assure you that you will find it compelling, seriously addictive and hard to put down as you sail through the easy to read pages of this tantalizing book.

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A truly unique collection of short stories with a spiritual twist.


The Tales on the Sand by Némo is a collection of short stories written in three parts. The first section was free flowing and the stories quite short. The second section was my favourite with well-developed characters and plots. The third section delved into the spiritual and was more science fiction based.

Two of my favourite stories were in the second section Crime and Passion and The Ghostly Captive. Crime and Passion’s main character was Richard, a grieving man whose child had died. It tore his marriage apart not only because of the death, but because he had dreams about another woman for years and his wife could not take the lonely marriage anymore. Richard started a new life by trying to find the woman he had been dreaming about. He ended up finding the woman of his dreams and solving a mystery with an excellent twist at the end. The Ghostly Captive was a story about a single mother who moved into a new community and ended up in a possessed apartment. I had shivers down my back as it had some scary moments in it and is a must read for anyone that enjoys the paranormal.

Némo, the author, has compiled a unique collection that he can call his own. He covered a lot of ground within the three sections with everything from moral tales to paranormal and horror stories to the final conclusion in the third section. The third section was perspectives about the universe and some of the stories were more like historical recitation of events and histories. It went into aliens, time travel, artificial intelligence and the melding of humans and also offered spiritual perspectives of concepts of God. His writing style is very passionate but can also be esoterical. It is a book that you can choose to read from cover to cover or something that you can read parts of and come back to. Tales on the Sand offered some interesting thoughts on who we may be, where we may come from and finally, who God may ultimately be.


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Author:  Némo