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Book By Author:  Jenny Ahmed

 The Tough Mama's Guide to Survival
 Self Help
 1976795737 9781976795732

 A disaster happens, can you and your family survive? Where would you go? What would you eat? How will you continue to eat whhen your supplies are exhausted? How will you meet the medical needs of your family? How will ou survive when help is not on the way?


Tough Mama is a gide for the Mama of every family. You will learn:

- How to begin prepping

- Finding a Safe Spot

- Where to buy your Safe Spot for pennies on the dollar

- A comprehensive list where you can continue to learn for free on topics ranging from building a garden, nuclear fallout and radiation, and other topics

- The best ways to build your food stores

- Emergency first aid

- Building a survival garden

- Be prepared for nuclear war, fallout, and radiation

Tough Mama shows you have many more things not found in other survival books or sites. Every tip has been tried and tested.


Tough Mama saw a need in the prepping community - Women! As guardians of the family, the woman needs to be at the forefront of knowledge and not have to rely on anyone. 46% of households are run by women. This is a time that more women are the heads of households, and it is time women are empowered to protect themselves and their loved ones. Tough Mama wants to see a prepared and educated person in every home.


The maze of survival planning and education can seem overwhelming for the beginner - not so with Tough Mama. Tough Mama starts at the very bsics and walks the reader through more complex subjects. All topics are broken down into steps that will ensure safety and success to your planning. Survive and thrive!

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Author:  Jenny Ahmed