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Book By Author:  Robert B Marchand

Caylen's Quest
 Caylen's Quest
 Action / Adventure
 0981907563 9780981907567
 A-Argus Better Book Publishers
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A truly imaginative page turning adventure tale.


Once in awhile a refreshing book comes along. Caylenís Quest is one of those. Robert Marchandís adventure tale follows the life of Caylen Helms, a boy whose disturbing dreams shape his incredible journey into the wilds of northern Canada. Set in post WWI, the story lures Caylen and his mother to a new life in a northern remote gold mining community with grand promises of wealth from a dangerous miner. A life of hardship and betrayal is what occurs instead. Caylen's increasing dreams of wolves and an old Indian Medicine Man become so vivid that he thinks the visions are real. Will Caylen follow the visions and where will they lead him? Marchand must have done considerable research to have such descriptive detail in the novel. The characters are well defined, and you want to cheer for some of them in parts. Caylenís Quest is a fun adventurous romp through a time period and place most never read about.


Take a beautiful widow, a dangerous French Canadian gold prospector, dreams of an Old Indian Medicine Man and large timber wolves, all seen through the eyes of a young boy and you have a fun page turning story. Caylenís Quest by Robert Marchand is a refreshing adventure tale that grabs you quickly. Although I did not know at first where this might go, I was soon flipping pages to see what would happen next to Caylen and his mother in their life changing trip to the far north of Canada. Set in the post hardship era of WW I, where life was a challenge even in the major cities, Caylen and his mother are taken to the great northern wilderness by a swarthy French miner that entices Caylenís mother to an easy life of a rich gold miner.

What follows is a survival story that I doubt many would survive in this day and age. Marchandís attention to detail is evident when reading what just normal life would be like surviving in a harsh climate. The real story is of Caylen and where his recurring dreams takes him. A well thought out plot has the reader cheering for the underdog. Although it was a bit wordy in a couple of chapters, it jumped right back into the action and the quest continued. All in all, this tale makes you think of the characters and story days after reading the book. Now that says something! Iím looking forward to the sequel.

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Robert Marchand Author:  Robert B Marchand


Robert was born in Toronto Canada in 1941 while his father was away at war. The first four years of Roberts life were spent in the small Northern Ontario gold mining town of Kirkland Lake. After the war, the family purchased an old farm about sixteen miles south of Kirkland Lake. Roberts father attempted then, to glean a reasonable living from the heavily forested old farm. Robert managed to escape parental abuse when, at nine years old, he was permitted to take out and use on his own, a little single shot 22 calibre rifle. This little rifle gave him the means and a reason to roam about , alone , in the forests of Northern Ontario and escape his fathers abuse. With that little rifle , a fishing rod and a few snares, Robert was also able to provide much needed wild game to help feed the growing Marchand family . Told by his father to get a job at the age of 13 , Robert worked, during summer months, on road construction , at sawmills , on farms and as a hunting guide for bear and moose hunters. Finally leaving this difficult family environment, Robert eventually had a successfull twenty year career in the Canadian military engineers followed by a fifteen year career as a Public Works Director in various British Columbia Municipalities. He then began his third career as a building manager and a writer of novels. Robert has had one other novel published. Mindoka Memories is a true story of his traumatic young life on that remote subsistance farm in northern Ontario.