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Book By Author:  Jay A Blum

Over the Ocean and to the Links: A Golfer's Journey
 Over the Ocean and to the Links: A Golfer's Journey
 0615540228 978-0615540221

A hilarious story of a simple man that blows his minuscule IRA to play some of the world's famous golf courses in the home of Golf, Scotland. Stubborn as Jeff is, he knew he could do better than the "golf tours" offered by many companies. As a result, the book is a tee by tee description of Jeff's trip from deciding which courses to play, how much he wanted to spend, the trials of driving on the wrong side of the road, and the simple beauty of Scotland.

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This book will be your trusted source for playing the links in Scotland.


If you are or know of an avid golfer that is pining to go to Scotland to play a round on the “sacred ground”, this book will be your trusted source. Sure, you can read a lot of information on the internet about those golf courses, but you will not get the flavor of how each course plays and the nuances of how an experienced player would tackle them. This is what you get when you read Over the Ocean and to the Links: A Golfer’s Journey by author and player Jeff Foulk and edited by Jay A. Blum.

I have to admit, personally, I have not picked up the clubs in quite a while and was apprehensive to review a golfing book. I was completely wrong! Jeff’s down to earth manner of writing put me at ease immediately and I remembered back to when I used to caddy for my father who was an avid player in his day. I think they both would have enjoyed playing 18 together. Jeff’s style of storytelling is “shoot from the hip” with a lot of humor thrown in. This becomes evident when Jeff lands in Scotland and journeys to his first B&B with a right hand driven car. How he navigates the notorious roundabout intersections and the way he conveys the experience is how he talks about playing his ball and trying to get out of a deep bunker. With intensity! Driving and playing golf is serious business.

It had been Jeff’s dream to play many of the courses in Scotland, including St. Andrews. A Golfer’s Journey is his play-by-play of how he researched and pre-booked his starting times at some of the most exciting courses in Scotland. He tells the story, including photos, of the accommodations that he stayed at, each course that he played, the dining fare and of course beer that was sampled. He really did have fun at this, and that’s what makes it fun to read. For most of the courses he played, he details the course, what to avoid and adds in some tips and tricks. His anecdotes about players that joined him or people that he met along the way make Scotland seem like a very friendly place.

In total, over a three week trip (17 days of golf), he played twenty-two rounds of golf and gets into detail of how to budget a trip for yourself. To top it all off, he has an index of all the websites of the courses he played, the accommodations and the contact names. In all, this book is a labor of love from a man who loves his game and wants to share the experience with others. The other player in this is Jay A. Blum, a friend of Jeff’s who edited the original manuscript to what it is. This book takes you on an enjoyable journey across the water to a mystical land where the game of golf began. I think I might just dust off those clubs of mine soon.


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Jay Blum Author:  Jay A Blum


Jay was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but grew up on the sun-kissed shores of South Florida after the age of three. As an adult, Jay has traveled the world working in nineteen countries, five U.S. states, and one Indian Reservation.​ Stricken with Renal Cell Carcinoma, which took both of his kidneys and 90% of his sight, Jay had to retire from his traveling circus. Now Jay now writes from the comfort of his home in a quaint and small town in Georgia. In a previous life, Jay earned his masterís Degree in Business Administration with a Specialization in Marketing and Communications. Jay is a veteran marketing consultant with more than three decades of experience. Jayís marketing expertise drew on a broad range of experience that has helped him analyze market dynamics and translate them into effective marketing strategies for major corporations, governmental agencies and foreign tourism departments to name a few.