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Book By Author:  Darlene Deacon

Under the Influence of Evil - A Brutally Abusive Childhood Expos
 Under the Influence of Evil - A Brutally Abusive Childhood Expos
 1511812710 978-1511812719

 Isolated from the outside world, Darlene had no idea how brutally abusive her life was. She just thought it was normal. Her mother, Jean, beat her from infancy, mentally abused her, and later sold her to men to use as they pleased. All the while, Darlene suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her father since a toddler as Jean looked the other way. Leaving home as a young teen, Darlene ended up in a twisted relationship of bondage and slavery. Still, it was better than going back home. Before and during this partnership, which included marriage, many lies about her childhood were revealed that would change her life forever. Darlene’ story is one of struggle, hope, and triumph—struggle to understand why the abuse occurred, hope that things can be different, and triumph that through perseverance a new person can emerge.

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Author:  Darlene Deacon