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Book By Author:  Karen L Brooke

The Six and the Crystals of Ialana
 The Six and the Crystals of Ialana

An adventure 500 years in the making. They were all born with a secret within: six young heroes, guided by the same uncanny dream and connected by a shared, mysterious past, are forced by different circumstances to flee their homes and venture into the unknown.

The saga to find and restore a powerful healing crystal unites the Six in their arduous journey across a continent. Along with a seventh, one who does not share their dreams and who has ambitions of his own, they must cross a deadly mountain range, evade mutant creatures that lurk in the mountain tunnels, and ultimately find their way in a vast ocean to a legendary, magically shielded island.

Guided by a transcendental shapeshifter, they learn to rely on each other in order to survive, but their is a traitor in their midst, one who aligns with the Dragon King, Amrafalus: an old and powerful enemy esconsed in the Citadel of Rhiannon, who, for 500 years, has sought the same prize as they do, but for different reasons. Will the Six succeed in their mission to find the crystal and heal the mutant slaves of the Dragon King, or will they fail, as they did once before?

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Check out the first novel of the Ialana trilogy by a new fantasy author with a fantastic imagination!


The Six and the Crystals of Ialana has an intriguing start with the death scene of six people chosen to save their race.  The story quickly moves 500 years into the future and Katlynn Brooke, the author, starts introducing her six main characters who are having a recurring dream that is becoming stronger and more frequent.

We are first introduced to Jarah and his journey.  He has led a simple life until the dreams start.  The dreams become intrusive in his daily life along with the sense that something is coming and he will never be the same.  We then meet Adain and Blaidd who live in the same village as Jarah.  Their lives are intertwined and something happens that suddenly has the three of them leaving on a journey to find the root cause of their dreams.  The travellers meet the “others” on their way and continue their journey, with the help of a shapeshifter, to an island that is hidden from the world.  The gentle people that live on this island have a peaceful culture that is threatened by an evil ruler.  The group must save this peaceful nation at all costs because their tie to these people is binding.

Throughout this journey Brooke introduces the remaining characters.  However, there is a twist.  There are seven chosen instead of six.  Have they all been reincarnated to share the same fate or is it just a dream that binds them?  Why are there seven on this journey and will history repeat itself?  These questions are all answered in this fast paced fantasy novel.  Brooke creates a solid plotline from start to finish.  She has good character development at the beginning of the novel but I did find that some of the development was lost in the middle due to the fast pace.  However, the conclusion is solid with some excellent twists and turns.  Brooke has a wonderful imagination and the ending pages left me hanging and wanting to read the next novel in this trilogy!



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Karen Brooke Author:  Karen L Brooke


Born in Zimbabwe, Katlynn Brooke’s childhood was an unusual one, even by African standards. Her father’s job with the government required him to build an infra-structure in out of the way places where only wild bushveld existed. Katlynn’s family travelled with him, living in make-shift camps and hastily built shelters where elephants roamed through their space, and lions roared nearby. During the sultry, tropical nights, Katlynn honed her writing skills by penning plays and short stories for her family’s entertainment. Even after her family moved to a town, Katlynn never lost her love for writing, and drew on her experiences in a wild and untamed country to write three books in a young-adult epic fantasy series. As an adult, Katlynn has travelled extensively, living in India and Indonesia for several years before settling permanently in the United States. She now resides in Virginia with her husband and a cat. In April, 2015 Katlynn was interviewed for a local magazine, Warrenton Lifestyle, “An Interesting Ordinary” and was interviewed by Pat Rullo in a podcast on Speak Up Talk Radio in April, 2016. Katlynn has won a silver award from The Hungry Monster book reviews for her first book in the Ialana Series, “The Six and the Crystals of Ialana”.