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Book By Author:  David Ogren

Acoustic Guitar Care 101: A Survival Guide for Beginners
 Acoustic Guitar Care 101: A Survival Guide for Beginners
 Teaching / Educational

This essential book on guitar care will instantly improve your skills in guitar maintenance!

It’s no secret that mastering the guitar is difficult. However, maintaining your guitar is easy, and I will show you exactly how to keep your guitar in top shape!

Whether you are an aspiring guitar player, or have played the instrument for many years, you know that learning about guitar maintenance can be intimidating and confusing. This book offers simple steps to empower you to take care of your own guitar.

You will learn to:

  • Clean Your Guitar

  • Select and Replace Strings

  • Humidify Your Guitar

  • Adjust the Neck, Bridge and Nut

  • Tune Your Guitar

  • Choose a Protective Case

  • Select a Guitar Stand

  • Choose Guitar Straps and Picks

Remember all the times spent with friends trading exciting maintenance tips? I don’t. It’s not nearly as fun as learning that classic riff from your favorite band, or comparing alternate tunings. You buy a guitar to experience music, not to have another item to care for. However, maintaining your instrument allows you to enjoy the benefits of ownership for many years to come, and helps you avoid many of the hassles; costly repairs and the diminished returns of poor sounding guitars. Often, when you look for a guitar care book, most appear too daunting, too detailed, and too expensive. This book is approachable, simple and affordable.

You love your music. You love your guitar. Make it last....

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Author:  David Ogren