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Book By Author:  ARLENE S DAYRIT

 Religious / Adults

 “Put your entire life into My hands, and let Me hold you firmly in My arms.”

The truth of God’s love is a message many of us have always known, but we need to be reminded of it again and again. In our limited understanding, we have difficulty comprehending it.

God has loved you with an everlasting love, and yet no matter how deeply we feel Him in our lives, the word of God often goes unheard. This is why, in the noise of the modern world, the simplicity of His message is all too easily lost. Yet while our prayers have no answers we can hear, that does not mean God has no voice.

The Voice of Divine Love brings His word to you, brings you the light of God’s acceptance, the comfort of His presence and love, and a guiding hand to live your life in His service. It is a chance to hear His voice amongst the raucous chatter of the world and choose to follow His way to righteousness and eternal love.

With this book, written in the hope of drawing others closer to God, helping them understand the depth of His love, and narrated as in the voice of the Almighty, you are provided a retreat in times of stress; not to simply hide from your problems, but to find their true purpose, alongside the purpose in all things. Close your eyes and rest, find solace in knowing that, even when you are alone, He is always at your side, guiding you and taking care of you, in ways no other can.

And as you are consoled, as you hear the one guiding voice which no person’s life should go without, you will find answers to the questions you have always yearned to ask: why does God allow pain into your life, why do your prayers go unanswered, your wishes unfulfilled? There is no need to turn inward, to torture yourself for these answers. Simply listen, and understand The Voice of Divine Love.

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Find your peace with The Voice of Divine Love.


The Voice of Divine Love was a different read for me.  I have often read self-help and religious books, but this one was different.  Arlene S. Dayrit, the author, writes in the first person from God’s perspective.  The thoughtful message that she conveys is uplifting and peaceful.  Arlene’s book is based on prayer and the content is one-on-one conversations that God has with the reader.

The book starts with the introduction of God’s voice, a request for God’s children to have dialogue, comfort that God is always listening and in control of everything, and affirmation that we are all treasured.  It continues with the reassurance that, though we have all sinned, we are beautiful and love shines through.  This progression perhaps was a reflection of Arlene’s journey and finding peace through God’s healing love.  It is a short and sweet read with the peaceful message that we are all treasured.


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Arlene Dayrit lives in continuous awareness of the depths of her own brokenness—and her desperate need for God’s redemption and healing love. Although she sought to live a holy life, attending daily Mass and offering spiritual advice to others who sought her quiet wisdom, she always felt an inexplicable, inescapable hole in her heart and an inadequacy and guilt she could not ignore. Arlene struggled with feeling that God was constantly angry with or disappointed in her as she appeared to have everything together but kept trying and failing to measure up. A retreat with a wise nun changed her life: for the first time, Arlene understood the futility of her own efforts to be good and the necessity of depending on God’s grace to fill her longings and change her life. Though she finds herself broken and wretched, she has learned to let go of her view of God as a vengeful presence and to understand His loving and merciful nature, willing to forgive her transgressions and love her as she is. She has been seeking to learn more about and rest in God’s amazing, unending love ever since. When she is not working as a bank officer at one of the largest banks in the Philippines, Arlene can be found reading about and meditating on divine love and mercy. She can be reached at