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Book By Author:  Yolanda De Iuliis

 Underneath my Soul
 0992746841 978-0992746841

"Underneath my Soul" is a poetry book with a difference. It faces you with the raw ideas and thoughts of a writer transitioning through adolescence, young adulthood, and finally as an adult. In which the world is discovered in a completely different light. It has taken De Iuliis over 10 years to write, complete and publish. Now presented to you is the work of a girl who wants to make you fall in love with her words, memories and writing. 

A life collection of poetry by Yolanda De Iuliis, published September 2015.  Written over a 10 year period of her life.  This book gives you an insight in the process of growing up and becoming an adult through poetry.

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Author:  Yolanda De Iuliis