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Book By Author:  Joe Rosato

Voices over troubled water
 Voices over troubled water
 Dorrance Publishing Co. Pittsburgh, PA

On a rainy night in March 1958 Joe as a young boy of ten years old along with his younger brother are abandoned by their mother over Troubled Water. Joe desperately cries out loud with no one around to overhear him praying for help. That tragic night brings about hearing poignant voices that start to play an integral part in his life. This event haunts Joe while growing up from a boy into manhood causing him to always search for answers to why. Relatives, teachers and mentors in Joe’s life begin to replace the lost love and guidance needed by a young boy to become someone worthwhile. These special individuals in Joe’s circle of life are quickly recognized and admired and give him the strong footing he needs to survive. Demands are placed on his teenage life that would destroy most young adults, but Joe finds the strength to overcome the bad pathways by those same voices over Troubled Water. Along Joe’s journey in life Troubled Water shows its massive mind power at far reaching locations as he travels around the world while serving in the US Navy and the Vietnam War. He finds that there are some Troubled Waters that are finally at peace and those that are not and never will be. A long time family secret is exposed accidentally which intertwines most of his elder family members and their silence for many years. This family secret enabled Joe to discover most of his long lost answers to questions that were thought to never be solved. Each and every one of these amazing stories in this memoir are true and have been experienced by the author.

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An uplifting autobiography of a Vietnam War vet who overcomes life’s challenges.


Voices Over Troubled Waters starts in the post war American baby boom era where New York was the epicentre.  This is the autobiography of Joe Rosato. Fate, one rainy night, threw Joe and his brother and sister together on a busy bridge scared and confused. Their parents had just abandoned them. Life suddenly became extremely hard for them and, if it wasn’t for their one guardian angel who took them in, they would have been in trouble. Grandma Rose had just enough to sustain herself but took the children in because that is was family does even when times are tough. That was the beginning. The author brings Brooklyn to life with astonishing detail of the 50’s and 60’s. His writing flourishes as he recalls memories of having no money, hand me down clothes, adventures and misadventures with his friends and his Italian extended family. A highlight was learning to fish with his Uncle Curly and cousin Chick to bring home food to help feed the family. Those were special times for a young man that needed a father. Through it all, we get a glimpse of how mature he was for only a teenager.  An example of this is when he searches and finds his father and has him arrested not once, but twice for welching on his child support. The boy had guts.  

Joe sets out to make something of himself right from a young age. Through a couple of mentors, he steers his life away from negativities, overcomes his adversities and begins a grand adventure leading into the transportation business and the navy during the Vietnam War. He is proactive and enlists before being drafted so that he can choose the military branch he wants to be in. His recollections of being an integral part of the bridge crew on the newest aircraft carrier, the USS America, off the coast of Vietnam, shows his determination to better himself and how proud he was to serve his country.

The pace and smooth flow of the autobiography keeps the reader engaged and entertained. He paints each chapter with colourful descriptions and anecdotes. It is amazing how he recalls all the names and details of individuals and businesses along the streets of New York from that far back. The sense that I have from reading about him is that Rosato writes as though he wants to leave something for the next generation to learn from. His message is that even as a small child you can rise up and helm your own ship out of the troubled waters of life.


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Joe Rosato Author:  Joe Rosato



Joe Rosato is a tour guide and Liaison to the Board of Directors at the New Jersey Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Foundation. He has volunteered at the memorial since 2007. Joe enlisted in the U.S. Navy from his hometown of Brooklyn, NY on Dec. 7, 1966. His basic training was at The U.S. Submarine Training Center in New London, CT. Joe Rosato served in Vietnam at Yankee Station in 1968 as a Helmsman and Lee Helmsman aboard the aircraft carrier USS America CVA-66.


Joe Rosato is retired as an owner of a freight Logistics Company based in Wall, NJ and worked in the freight transportation industry for over 43 years. He lives in Farmingdale, NJ and has two children and two grand children.


Joe is an active volunteer in The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary at the Manasquan Inlet, NJ. He also is a lifetime member of Vietnam Veterans of America and holds memberships in The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars. He considers volunteering at the NJVVMF a passion for giving back some history to the youth of New Jersey.