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Book By Author:  Christopher Dunn

The Giza Power Plant
 The Giza Power Plant
 1879181509 978-1879181502
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Even the skeptical will be swayed with the precise research and details, changing the perceptions of Ancient Egypt forever.


Be prepared to be astounded with the precise information Chris Dunn lays out in The Giza Power Plant. Dunn rips open many 'established' beliefs about the Great Pyramid and dissects them thoroughly. The fun starts when he methodically constructs valid theories of his own that could change historical perception itself. Take it as you will, but this book will challenge your beliefs.


Christopher Dunn leads the reader through a very logical progression in The Giza Power Plant. This progression starts with a condensed history of discoveries inside and outside the Great Pyramid, including exact measurements and current theories. Using these same measurements, Dunn proposes quite effectively alternate theories that you may never have hear of before.

Within a chapter you are drawn into his explanations of why the King's Chamber was built; how high speed lathing had to have been used and other rather shocking but convincing new discoveries from Dunn himself. Near the end of the book, Dunn does elaborate on some far reaching ideas that many will have doubts about. Some will not.

The Giza Power Plant is one of these books that expands and challenges your belief system. His arguments, for the most part, are extremely compelling and hard to discount. Take it as you will, but this book will challenge your beliefs.

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Author:  Christopher Dunn