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Book By Author:  Allan S Hirsch

The Rainbow Dancer
 The Rainbow Dancer

6 year old Asia lives in the house that her grandfather built. It sits against a mountain because the eccentric gold miner didn't want anyone to steal the treasures in his mine. It is believed the entrance to the cave is hidden behind the wall in Asia's bedroom. Asia soon discovers that finding the treasure opens up a world of magic and adventure. An old woman storyteller takes Asia on a raft ride through the cave where window lights reveal the stories that Asia must come to know. A picture above the playroom fireplace mantel shows a sleeping maiden and a key. Asia has to discover who the maiden is, why she is asleep and where she is sleeping if she is to help break a dragon spell. As the maiden wakes up, the dragon spell leaves her but comes alive as three witches that begin attacking the fairy world. Besides saving the fairies from danger ultimately Asia has to save herself from the dragons. But Asia receives the help she needs wearing the dress of leaping magic and rainbows that the elves had fashioned from moonbeams. She receives the help she needs from unusual friends and from a secret power she discovers within herself and from her grandfather's treasure.

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An intriguing fairy tale that lures you into its spell.


The Rainbow Dancer is composed of many short stories that interweave together. Allan Hirsch, the author, writes in the classic fairy tale style. His imagination and imagery take us on an adventure complete with knights, dragons, unicorns, princesses and of course, the evil trickster who swoops in to ruin everything!

Hirsch introduces us to six year old Asia and her best friend – the rag doll Belinda.  Asia falls asleep each night and, after a visit from the sandman, dreams of magical places and beings.  Grandma, the narrator, is the storyteller of many of these tales and she begins by telling Asia about the magical land’s troubled past.

Hirsch has taught and entertained children for many years and he utilizes his storytelling experience.  His characters captivate a young audience and hold the readers interest.  He introduces interesting characters who quote amusing rhyming poetry in the middle of some of the stories where his enchanting main character, Asia, takes center stage.

Asia lives in the house that her grandfather built and the entrance to a hidden cave may be behind Asia’s bedroom.  Perhaps this is why Asia starts to live in her dream world even when she is awake.  She draws her young friends into this world and the fine line between dream and reality becomes blurred.  Are Asia’s fairy tale stories imagination or real?  Grandmother disappears from Asia’s dreams and she encounters some distressing dreams because evil witches and dragons start causing more and more trouble in fairyland.  Asia meets some unusual friends along the way that help her solve some of these dilemmas including trying to help her find her precious Belinda who disappeared! Asia eventually finds her way home but will never be the same again.

The Rainbow Dancer was entertaining and held my interest throughout.  I enjoyed the illustrations at the beginning of each chapter but wasn’t sure if it was Hirsch who did them or someone else.  This would be a good book to read aloud with a young child.  It does contain some larger words that may need to be explained but that is also a good opportunity to pull out the dictionary (or Google). The contrast between good and evil and the lessons each fairy tale relates are thought provoking and the ending holds a delicious twist. 


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Allan Hirsch Author:  Allan S Hirsch


Allan directed and taught at a preschool-kindergarten in Kentwood, Michigan and also in Denver, Colorado. The one in Michigan was an old stone and log mansion in the woods owned by the YWCA. It had 16 acres of virgin forest on one side and an open meadow with a creek on the other. A castle was built of cherry wood for a climbing device as well as a wishing well for the children. It was out of this magical environment that this story evolved. Allan later worked as a web developer but has always enjoyed the presence of children in his life. He also volunteered reading to children in a public school where he was able to tell stories, play guitar and sing songs for the children.