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Book By Author:  Laurie Bonser

The Law of Attraction Meets Financial Stewardship
 The Law of Attraction Meets Financial Stewardship
 Self Help
 Northshire Books

The overarching principles of attraction, abundance, and universal connections are inspirations and aspirations in our lives. This book now provides the vital practical ideas, new perspectives, and guidance needed to reach these principles…a new bridge of information available to support the next stages of your personal journey. Learn how to make daily financial choices that align with all your vital life purposes ~ and successfully manifest the truly integrated, soul-rewarding outcomes you desire.

Available January 20, 2016 in paperback and eBook through Northshire Bookstores and other Indie shops; Amazon, Barnes and Noble.  Accompanying audio MP3 available on the author's website


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A no-nonsense, refreshing approach to personal finances that everyone should read.


Laurie Bonser brings a refreshing aspect to personal finances in her latest book Financial Health, The Law of Attraction Meets Financial Stewardship. For many individuals, the words personal finance cause them to cringe or look for ways to procrastinate from the inevitable chore of budgets, banking or any investing. Laurie’s book not only soothes these anxieties, she makes it fun to look again at your own personal finances and go well beyond that. Laurie takes the reader on a thought provoking mental and spiritual check-up that ties in with your finances and investments. She does this through engaging the reader in her well defined chapters and not preaching to them. I have read hundreds of self-help, "personal finance" books that inform me that I am the problem and I better use their magic fixes to rectify my situation. Laurie's approach had me sitting back in the airplane seat that I was in and really self-evaluating my finances and financial choices I have made throughout my life. I am now going back more slowly through the chapters to delve deeper into my understanding of how I can change things for the better and look forward to more investing with a fresh outlook that comes from myself and not a "how to" formula.

Laurie's credentials as a CPA and CFP shine through in a surprisingly no-nonsense writing style. She adds structure to each chapter topic with sections on how this has or will affect you not only mentally but also through your emotions and feelings. At the start of the book, Laurie mentions that this is a compliment to the Law of Attraction by Abraham Hicks, which I recommend on reading. With this in mind, Laurie's delve into "good vibrations" about financial matters that brings to mind the old adage that if you ask the universe for anything, you better be ready to receive. Laurie helps you to receive this through a series of 44 word and message decks from her first book, Financial Stewardship: A Guide for Personal Financial Health and Wellness that are a bonus at the end of this book. These "decks" help align the reader to keep them on track throughout the next few months and years. Yes years because personal finance is an ongoing part of our lives as long as we are here.
Finally a book that strengthens ourselves from within which we can reference again and again. Personally, I will be re-reading Laurie's book annually to see where my progress has gone spiritually and of course in my personal finances. 



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Laurie Bonser Author:  Laurie Bonser


Laurie Bonser, Author, Teacher, and Coach Laurie combines her professional technical expertise and knowledge as a CPA, Certified Financial PlannerŪ, and holder of Masters degrees in Business Administration and Taxation with her personal experiences and studies as a musician, intuitive medium, and Shamanic Practitioner to offer unique teachings on financial abundance and universal attraction principles with this book and workshop series. She is the founder of Changing Times Planning ( and Shaman Connector ( to assist those individuals ready to embrace personal empowerment, purpose-filled living, and conscious choices. Laurie lives in the Adirondack region of northeastern New York state.