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The most unique sci-fi novel I’ve read in years.

What happens when the world gets too optimized? Joel E. Lorentzen, the author, answers that question in his unique, inventive and thought-provoking novel, Proles - a novel about 2084. In the not too distant future, the gap between the have’s and the have nots is as wide as it has ever been, but not for the reason you may think. Money is not the cause in the future, optimization more 

Book By Author:  Chiraag Mutreja

 My First $10,000
 Business Management
 1515356892 978-1515356899

I'm not a millionaire or a self proclaimed business guru...I'm a regular person just like you. I have a job and try my best to make ends meet. However, I have ambitions beyond my job and frequently seek opportunities to generate additional sources of income. In 2014, I decided to embark on a journey to make money online by creating and selling digital products/services (with limited to no experience). The product I created and sold revolved around my passions, interests, and hobbies and I am proud to say that I earned my first $10,000 within the first 6 months. Throughout my journey, I faced multiple challenges, and due to limited time and a highly constrained budget, I was forced to learned how to overcome those challenges and attain success with limited resources. When I achieved my first $10,000, in hindsight I came to realize, the entire process was very simple, but posed challenges due to lack of guidance. As a result, I decided to document all my learnings, tips, and steps to success in this guidebook so that every "regular" person can experience and enjoy the journey I did, but with far fewer challenges along the way. If you are serious about generating a secondary income, which could snowball into something bigger, then My First $10,000 will give you all the information you require to earn money online by simply pursuing your passions and interests. I wish you the best of luck on your journey to your first $10,000!

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Author:  Chiraag Mutreja