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Book By Author:  Dr Manjusha Mohan

Magic of Divine Love
 Magic of Divine Love
 1482837827 9781482837827

'Magic of Divine Love' A Mesmerizing Journey of Pure Love... Passionate, gripping and powerful, “Magic of Divine Love” is filled with the fragrance of intense passion, love and majesty as it reveals the beauty & magnificence of pious spiritual love…This heartfelt, captivating book takes readers on a magical journey of divine love – the purest of pure love between Lord Shiva and Gauri. It is an enchanting narration of the pastimes of a celestial couple, who lovingly illuminate the path to spirituality through their divine love. It unveils how the purest love can unite a soul with the Supersoul and give true meaning & fulfillment to life; which leads to eternal peace, contentment and happiness. With a fascinating display of prose and poetry, its bound to embark readers on a mesmerizing voyage of pure love, devotion & surrender that can transform lives!

This is a mesmerizing magical journey of divine love... The purest of pure love between Lord Shiva & Gauri. An enchanting narration of the divine pastimes of a Handsome God & His Beautiful Consort; it is not just about their blissful times spent together, but is also an expression of the love between God & His Devotee. This is Gauri's journey of love... She is the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva. How the intensity of her love made her a Goddess... Who taught us true meaning of Love, Devotion and Surrender.
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Author:  Dr Manjusha Mohan