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The most unique sci-fi novel I’ve read in years.

What happens when the world gets too optimized? Joel E. Lorentzen, the author, answers that question in his unique, inventive and thought-provoking novel, Proles - a novel about 2084. In the not too distant future, the gap between the have’s and the have nots is as wide as it has ever been, but not for the reason you may think. Money is not the cause in the future, optimization more 

Book By Author:  Jessica Alter

Man and Brother
 Man and Brother
 Science Fiction
 Indie Imprint
 Protecting and preserving cryptid species is the life's work of crypto-biologist Kalyani Sharma. Things get complicated in the forests of the Pacific Northwest after she's discovered by a legend. When the tables turn, who will protect her?
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Do you like vampires, werewolves, goblins, witchcraft, fairies and Bigfoot? Then you have to read this novel!


Do you like vampires, werewolves, goblins, witchcraft, fairies and Bigfoot? Well then you certainly will not go wrong with Man and Brother, the new novel by Jessica Alter. Man and Brother is the sequel to ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part. If you haven’t read it, I suggest that you do before reading this sequel. It was entertaining!  ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part sets up the main characters and storyline that you need to know because Man and Brother jumps right in without much background. I actually found that refreshing as many authors waste a chapter or two “getting you up to speed” if you haven’t read the first one. So with that said, this review may be a spoiler alert for some.

Dr. Maggie Glass, the “Vampire Psychiatrist”, is now a Director of a mountain sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest for cryptid species. Working with her is Kalyani Sharma, the head crypto-biologist. Kalyani’s main task is to find a way for vampires to function in daylight but is getting distracted by her passion of collecting goblins to understand them.  A political and species conflict arises. Oh, by the way, most of her research assistants are vampires as well as the Board of the Sanctuary in Paris. Things really go awry quickly when Kalyani is kidnapped by someone that looks like they are in a Bigfoot outfit, but is it a man or a real beast? This is where the main story truly begins and spreads out to include all the elements of a great story: conflict; love; danger; betrayal; jealousy; magic and war to name a few. This novel has it all. It is broken up into two parts and I do not want to give away any more. Suffice it to say that Alter, the author, is very imaginative and not a “fluff” writer. Her characters are strong and build significantly from her first novel. Also, Alter’s vision of how vampires operate in our modern world becomes very detailed and fascinating. It makes me think that she knows something that the rest of don’t. Time will tell.

Man and Brother will keep you entertained and guessing into the wee hours of the night. So, make sure your windows are shut tight and the deadbolts in place before you venture into the unknown.


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Jessica Alter Author:  Jessica Alter


In 2014, author Jessica “Jess” Alter published the third and final installment in an epic social science fiction trilogy filled with sex, tech, and firearms. Her new Cryptid Series is published on multiple ebook platforms. The first book in the series, ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part, brings cryptid lore and legend into the modern scientific world with unexpected and thrilling results.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys collecting folktales from around the world, adapting dessert recipes, baking homemade breads, and crocheting little monsters. You can find her web journal at and find her on Twitter as @Jess_Alter.