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Book By Author:  M.R. Everette

Fibles : Children's eBook
 Fibles : Children's eBook
 Fibles 2nd edition comes with newly revised stories and adds 36 new illustrations. Fibles are stories about the untruths that may befall on the characters in their lives, and the ensuing outcomes of their actions. Told through a cast of loveable animal characters with quirky names, these stories are uniquely tailored for today’s children learning life’s lessons. Fibles, by M.R. Everette is an adorable set of twelve short and entertaining stories that have a small lesson or moral attached to them. In each story, the characters encounter real-life issues; however big or small, the characters learn how to deal with them. Fibles multiple illustrations per story help bring the stories to life for the adult and child alike. Have fun and read Fibles aloud!
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Author:  M.R. Everette