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Book By Author:  Gerasimos I. Kambites

Tears on the Equator - Muzungu
 Tears on the Equator - Muzungu

Tears on the Equator is the powerful autobiographical story of Gerasimos Kambites, his Ugandan wife Sarah and their children as they struggle to set up a school, a medical practice and an Orthodox Church on Bukasa Island, Lake Victoria, Uganda. In strong well written prose, we follow their struggles over a 5 year period of time. Problems at times seem insurmountable! Corrupt officials, political turmoil, marginal living conditions, lack of communication with the outside world, lack of a medical support team, lack of consistent funding, suspicions of the people they are trying to help and the death of one of their own children constantly test the couples faith and endurance. Dr. Kambites struggles with personal demons and a quick temper often get him in trouble with officialdom but he holds true to his religious convictions. The story is riveting! We are witness to medical emergencies that often see Dr. Kambites in a small boat traversing Lake Victoria in the middle of the night with severely ill patients. The challenge of building a medical clinic and a church with little equipment, materials or skilled labor at times proves to be overwhelming. His encounters with corrupt gun toting officials, his eventual expulsion from the country and escape of his family make the story truly memorable. Yet, despite all of the hardships Dr. Kambites shows us the beauty of the country, the true kindness and hard work of many of the local people. Although no longer in Uganda, the church he founded is now thriving.

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Author:  Gerasimos I. Kambites