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Sex, drugs and rock and roll. What more does a novel need?

Be prepared to take a trip when reading When Life Was Like a Cucumber by Greg Wyss. This trip will be unlike any one you have ever taken before. That is unless you were in your 20s, living in the late 1960s and early 1970s on the East coast, more 

Book By Author:  Irene Dolnick

Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, And Bagel
 Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, And Bagel
 1478709669 978-1478709664
 Brrr! Jazmine is feeling cold, hungry, and lonelyóand when she passes a picture window and sees her two friends, Kurt and Gert, in the warm, cozy house, she also feels a bit jealous! But this little dog will soon meet a handsome black and brown beagle named Bagel, who knows what itís like to be alone. Join Jazmine and Bagel as they form new friendships and embark on new adventures together! Itís a story that will delight children of all ages and remind us of the importance of friends.
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Author:  Irene Dolnick