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Book By Author:  J B Reed

Deadly Shamrocks III - Blood Ties
 Deadly Shamrocks III - Blood Ties
 1491209836 978-1491209837
 Rose O’Bannon and Aaron O’Brien were both native New Yorkers, although they had vastly different backgrounds. They had met under the most unusual of circumstances but learned they had much in common. Together, they opened Shamrock Investigations, a private investigation firm, located in what was once known as Hell’s Kitchen. On one Friday afternoon, a mysterious man comes into the office and asks to speak to Rose. He stated he was a friend of her mother. Hearing these words made a cold chill run down Rose’s spine. She had met others who had claimed to be a friend of her mother when they were anything but. The first things Rose notices about this man is his thick Irish accent, and that his eyes seemed to twinkle when he smiled. Asking how he knew her mother, the man confides in Rose that he is a former member of the Irish Republican Army and that her mother, at one time, was supporting their effort financially. Rose could not believe what she was hearing. Her mother had divulged secrets of her early life to Rose prior to her death, but this was not one of them. Rose was aware her family tree bore dangerous fruit; she was about to learn exactly how dangerous.
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Author:  J B Reed