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Watch out America; get ready to cleanse your debt! Debt Cleanse: How To Settle Your Unaffordable Debts For Pennies by Jorge P. Newbery is coming in at the right time. America is in debt from national to state and also municipal, the whole system is in a downward spiral. The bigger concern is personal debt, mortgage, student loans, credit card and car loan debts. If you are drowning in debt, like many of your fellow Americans, it is a frightening and disabling effect on you and your family. Newbery’s solution is Debt more 

Book By Author:  J B Reed

Deadly Shamrocks
 Deadly Shamrocks
 1495432157 978-1495432156

 Beautiful Vivian Clancy was born of Irish immigrant parents; the working poor. Vivian learned at an early age that you did not mix with those not of your own kind. Bigotry was deep rooted in those days. She also learned that even those of your own kind would hurt you if given the right opportunity. One day while working at Flannery's Pub, Vivian met a handsome Irish stranger. He was kind and generous and very charming. Little did she know just how much this man would change her life...forever.

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Author:  J B Reed