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Book By Author:  mm pesola

Like Father Like Son
 Like Father Like Son
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When Country singer Rick “Dusty” Rhodes returns to his small northern Minnesota hometown to bury his estranged father, he discovers he’s been disinherited. Then his beloved Jeannie dies in a car crash and he discovers a son he never knew they'd  had. This shocking revelation causes Dusty to reconsider his life through a painful process of self-revelation, psychic dreams, and a message from beyond the grave that leads to a powerful spiritual reunion. 

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A heartfelt love story that spiritual country music fans will enjoy.


The drama hits quickly at the beginning of Like Father Like Son when Ricky “Dusty” Rhodes, a famous country singer, enters the hospital drunk.  He is devastated to find out that his one true love in life has been in a serious accident, she then dies, he finds out he has a son, and to top it all off, his dad recently passed away.  Conflict enters the scene when Dusty decides that he wants the farm that his father willed to someone else not to mention the turmoil that he feels after finding out that he is now a father and has to decide what to do!  What is a former country musician to do?  He leans on good friends.

MM Pesola, the author, is skilled in developing likeable characters.  Luke is Dusty’s childhood friend who has stuck with him through thick and thin.  Grant is his steadfast manager and Mary, was Dusty’s childhood sweetheart and finally Dusty who seems to be a typical emotional country singing artist on the rocks.  Pesola takes us to Dusty’s childhood Minnesota farm and the physical descriptions and bittersweet memories of the place seem heartfelt.  You will have to read the book to find out what happens with the farm and who ends up owning it at the end.

Dusty decides to spend some time on the farm while it is in transition and here is where the story takes a turn.  We are introduced to the local pastor, John Paul Jr., with whom Mary is good friends.  Grief often makes us wonder about what we believe and if there is something more after we die.  This is explored in-depth for quite a bit of the novel with the pastor being the facilitator of that.  The discussion is not your traditional religion but rather a new age perspective.  For some, this may be a turn off. 

I found the storyline to be engaging enough and a fast read.  I did enjoy getting to know the characters that Pesola developed but was left wanting in the son’s character development and his relationship with his father, Dusty.  That would have tied in the title to not just Dusty and his father, but to the next generation, which would have added richness to the novel.  This budding author has talent and I look forward to perhaps reading what happens to the son in the next novel.


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mm pesola Author:  mm pesola


A former fiction editor, mm pesola also wrote a screenplay with author Peter Moss called "The Singing Tree," which won the 2013 Moondance International Film Festival. Her novel, "Like Father Like Son," is her first novel. She is currently at work on another novel.