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Book By Author:  Franklyn C. Thomas

The Favorite
 The Favorite
 Action / Adventure
 Veteran prizefighter Michael Dane believes he's on top of the world. He's had a star-crossed career and life, with plenty of wins in the ring and an eighteen-month stint in prison. As the number-one contender for the IBF Light-Heavyweight Championship, he's training to go up against Quin Cortez, the undefeated champion, in a title fight in Las Vegas. Michael's drug-running manager, Dante Alexander, has driven his career, making no friends along the way. Now, after a tense meeting with Dante, Michael is rethinking his choices as a man and as a professional fighter. Worse, he's doing all he can to stay one step ahead of the treacherous men who would exploit him for their own gains. With nowhere else to turn and few people he can really trust, Michael turns to his former trainer for advice, Terence "Dutch" Masters, who raised him like a son. His former girlfriend Selena, now several months pregnant with his child, represents a life he has never known. Now Michael must do what it takes to keep everyone in his life safe from Dante. With his old trainer in his corner for one more fight, his old flame back in his life, and rival gangsters on both sides, can Michael get out with the title ... and his life?
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A solid action thriller that hits you with a one-two punch!


The Favorite by Franklyn C. Thomas is one of those books that you want to read in one sitting. The author, Thomas, effortlessly drops you into the life struggle of prize fighter Michael Dane. Fresh from prison, Dane needs to prove himself back in the ring and try to stay out of trouble with a minor mobster Dante whom he owes. The novel opens up with Dane taping up in the backroom before his shot at the World Light-Heavyweight title. The storyline transitions back and forth from events before the fight and then teases the reader with one or two rounds of the fight throughout the novel. Dane is in serious trouble. In order to get his title fight, he agrees to work for Dante and is paired up with a psycho killer named Boone. Dane tries to distance himself from Boone but is drawn into an even more precarious situation, blackmail.

Back in the ring, Dane is fighting a twelve round uphill battle with an undefeated champion. The rounds seem to start slowing down as the hits accumulate. It is the fight of the decade; the one they will talk about for years to come. Too bad he can’t win either way.

Thomas’s fight sequences are skilfully done. His descriptive narrative makes you feel like you are the ring with every punch. For a short novel, Thomas has the knack of dropping characters like Dutch his trainer and Selena his girlfriend, into the story without long explanations of their past. Very refreshing and somewhat like a movie. In fact, The Favorite would be a great film. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and am hopeful that Thomas will write more as he has proven his chops with this one. 


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Author:  Franklyn C. Thomas