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Book By Author:  Catherine Aerie

The Dance of the Spirits
 The Dance of the Spirits

A youthful US Army lieutenant and a female Chinese surgeon from opposing fronts of the Korean War are forced to endure the hardship and the suffering around them as their fates intertwine.  Through a chronicle of merciless battles, freezing winters, and the brutality and hypocrisy of human nature, the two find themselves weaving through the twists and turns of fate and destiny while in the pursuit of love and liberty.

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A tragic love story amidst the horrors of the Korean War.


This novel shocked me. The Dance of the Spirits by Catherine Aerie is a love story about a young woman doctor from Shanghai named Jasmine at the beginning of the Korean War. What is shocking is her story about the pursuit of love through some of the most hellish moments that any human could endure. The story takes place as Jasmine, a new Chinese doctor, volunteers to join the communist army to fight against the Americans in 1949. Because she can speak English, she is sent to a POW camp to be their doctor. Her compassion for POW’s gets her into deep trouble and she is sent to the front line to “re-educate herself”. This where Jasmine learns about human misery and the tenacity to overcome any despair.

Love spans years with Jasmine falling for a servant boy, Tin-Bo, who grows up to be a military officer in the new communist army. Jasmine finds herself longing for him as she meets him again while in the army. Fate brings Jasmine and an American soldier named Wesley together when he finds and saves her after being left for dead in a field. Recuperating, fate continues as she and Wesley keep running into each other. Now Jasmine is confused about love. What direction will she take? Who will she choose?

Catherine, the author, takes the reader down a dark path with very descriptive narrative of the Korean War and how communist China acted on the battlefield and at home. When the rest of the world was sighing with relief from the end of WWII, Korea was seeing some of the most horrific conditions known to man. She makes the reader understand that whatever the adversity, hope can somehow be found.


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Author:  Catherine Aerie