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Book By Author:  M. K. Theodoratus

Taking Vengeance
 Taking Vengeance

Even four hundred years after the Half-Elven Rebellion, turmoil is Mariah’s constant companion, but she must face her problems alone. Ashton, her ring-mate, has gone spying on their southern enemies. She fights with Linden, the ruler and Ashton’s brother, constantly. Tired of the bickering, she seeks a peaceful life as a healer.


When her daughter’s family is attacked by sea-going raiders, Mariah falls into despair. Ashton feels her distress and uses his elf magic to return to the Marches. He urges her to go hunting with him for vengeance against the killers, only to discover the raiders hold a strange new magic. Their next problem is to convince Linden the Marches are in danger.


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Author:  M. K. Theodoratus