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Book By Author:  Beth Gayden

Be Still: 21-Days Praying the Names of God
 Be Still: 21-Days Praying the Names of God
 Religious / Adults

Have you ever struggled to "be still and know" that He is God (Psalm 46:10)? 

Do you want to experience more peace and joy? 

Are ready to spend some quiet time listening to the Lover of your soul?
You are invited on a 21-day journey of practicing the presence of God. This short devotional will guide you as you learn to practice the art of being still and listening to God as He speaks to your heart. Each chapter includes a song that will assist in ushering you into His presence. A journal for your personal time with God is also available to purchase in paperback. 

Inside you will find...

The F.A.S.T. Method:
F: Focus on a name of God

A: Ask God in prayer
S: Stillness. Be still and listen to God
T: Think and Speak. Say it out loud

Focus on an individual name of God.

This is a time of thankful prayer asking God to direct your quiet time together. (It is not a time of intercession or petitions regarding items on your prayer lists).

Be still and quiet before the Lord. Breathe deeply and allow Him to speak to you; Spirit to spirit. Write down what He is telling you. 

Think of a 1-2 sentence summary of what you heard during STILLNESS. Speak it out loud and reflect on it throughout the day.

Table of Contents:

  • Day 1: God Who Sees
  • Day 2: God Forgives
  • Day 3: God is My Victory
  • Day 4: God Gives Me Hope
  • Day 5: God Carries My Burdens
  • Day 6: God is My Creator
  • Day 7: God is My Shepherd and My Guide
  • Day 8: God Sanctified Me
  • Day 9: God is My Peace
  • Day 10: God is Able
  • Day 11: God is Present
  • Day 12: God is the Help I Need 
  • Day 13: God is All Knowing 
  • Day 14: God is Perfect in His Faithfulness
  • Day 15: God My Righteousness
  • Day 16: God Almighty 
  • Day 17: God is My Provider
  • Day 18: God of Mercy
  • Day 19: God My Light
  • Day 20: God is My Healer
  • Day 21: God of the Angel Armies


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Author:  Beth Gayden