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Book By Author:  Genie Lee Perron

Things I Wish My Mother Had Said...(or maybe she did)
 Things I Wish My Mother Had Said...(or maybe she did)
 Self Help
 Balboa Press, a division of Hay House
 A compilation of original artwork and motherly advice that spans generations. The author ties her own mother's words of wisdom to present day life with her own children. Simple, yet effective practices are highlighted in a way that makes putting them into practice in one's own life easy.
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Inspiring! A talented self-help author who included her own illustrations in the novel.


Things I Wish my Mother had Said (or maybe she did) written and illustrated by Genie Lee Perron was a treat to read. Each chapter highlighted a unique illustration that introduced each segment.  This is one of those books that reminds you how precious life is and how valuable mothers can be.  It reinforces that we need to appreciate them while we still have them or, if they are gone, to remember them and cherish it.

Perron covers themes like keeping a gratitude journal, changing the way we phrase things, looking for the positive spin in life, and taking time for ourselves.  I have to say that my favorite was telling your story the way you want it to be, or intention writing.  This is a strong envisioning of where you want your life to go.  Not in an untruthful way, but in a directional nudge that is healthy.

The author was easy to relate to and this novel wasn’t “fluff” in any way.  It was a realistic portrayal of a normal woman who has had challenges in life, lost a mother, had children and made the best of everything that has come her way.  Things I Wish my Mother had Said (or maybe she did) is a powerful message and an inspiration to read.


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Genie Perron Author:  Genie Lee Perron


Author of the book, "Things I Wish My Mother Had Said...(Or Maybe She Did)". Genie received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Bridgewater State College in 1986. She has been a teacher, optometric assistant, tutor, and homemaker. Since her diagnosis of leukemia in 2000, Genie has been an avid student of holistic health and meditation. She is a Reiki Master /Teacher. She lives in Plymouth, Mass. with her family; Scott, Deanna and Debbie.