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The most unique sci-fi novel I’ve read in years.

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Book By Author:  Joseph W Morris

Empire's Passing

Ebook Version

Empire's Passing by JW Morris. $3.99 from

 Empire's Passing
 Science Fiction
 Earth is destroyed by the Goth Alliance. The Emperor of the star-spanning Imperium dies in the attack and thousands of worlds face an interstellar Dark Age as Pretenders compete for the throne and the Goths run unchecked. The Goth Alliance is led by a High Priestess under the influence of a parasite inhabiting her brain, giving her mind control powers over humanoids, but requiring deaths of humanoids to survive and procreate. Unfortunately, Humans taste best of all humanoid species, particularly when they die during sex. Her visions of future timelines show Humans as her biggest threat. Her offspring have spread across much of inhabited space. Duke Michael of the planet New Meyer struggles to keep his world and those of his space-jump chute safe in the increasing chaos as the Imperium disintegrates. Hes faced with the choice of trying to defend his world or a long shot attempt to save the Imperium that makes New Meyer an even bigger target. Then a billion year old race with the ability to bend space and time and who consider Humans as one of their Chosen Races, intervenes to protect their investment.
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A new space saga emerges. This sci-fi novel is an epic triumph.


Within the first few pages I knew that it was a winner. Within three chapters, I was in awe. Empire’s Passing: Imperium Succession Saga #1 by JW Morris is a triumph of epic proportions. Being a full blown sci-fi fan all of my life, I have read most of the “required” reading of space sagas. So, when Empire’s Passing came across my desk, I was a bit apprehensive. To have the word Saga in your title is ballsy, but Morris pulls it off.

The story starts in the year 2937 and dives right into an interstellar war between Humans and Goths. Spoiler alert! The Goth destroy Earth in the Prologue. Humanity has, over several centuries, expanded from Earth outward with the use of “Chutes” through space to inhabit thousands of worlds and star systems. A succession of Emperors ruled these star systems using Dukes and Barons, but everything has to come to an end sometime doesn’t it? The Empire is under relentless attack and one single galaxy in a secluded Chute may be the only hope against the Goths, breakaway Imperials and a Granancian spiritual High Priestess that uses some “interesting” methods of persuasion to control her universe. The author, Morris, centers the story line around the Dukedom of New Meyer and its lineage. Similar to a game of risk, can the Duke protect his Chutes from invasion while gathering support from neighbouring star systems? Trust me, there is no way that I can even broad stroke this novel in one paragraph.

Morris’s character development is flawless. His fast pace keeps the reader thoroughly entertained. I kept looking at the page numbers and hoping that this ride would never end. It is his imagination and close attention to scientific detail that really captivates. Morris uses current and not too far in the future technology to have humanity escape to the stars and build its Empire throughout the centuries. But with centuries of time, also comes regression in the form of lost technology, seclusion in distant galaxies and the ever present politics of a feudal system.

Empire’s Passing has been the best science fiction saga that I have read in years. I am totally hooked for Saga #2 coming out soon. As for the “required” reading sagas list I mentioned earlier, I vote that this one be added to the list of Foundation, Dune and many others.


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Joseph Morris Author:  Joseph W Morris


J W Morris Biography Joseph W. Morris, writing as J. W. Morris, began his love affair with science fiction at age eight when his 3rd grade teacher introduced him to Tom Swift. Since then he has worked to make SF a reality as an aerospace engineer and innovator. Along his career path he earned six patents and pioneered two technologies flying in the missile defense program. Recently his team delivered rocket thrusters for NOAAs (U.S. Weather Service) next weather satellite. His interests are diverse, ranging from history to quantum physics to management of small businesses (he cofounded a successful web-based business). Joe was born in New York City to parents who ran a small hotel in mid-town Manhattan. Living and working in a hotel spoiled him rotten but also gave him an introduction to a variety of people and their idiosyncratic personalities that served him well in his writing. He attended Brooklyn Technical High School and then obtained bachelor degrees in Physics and Engineering from NYU. He started his technical career working for the government but soon moved off to private industry. Besides missile defense, he has worked on aircraft ejection seats and other military components and systems. He shares in six patents and has two technical innovation awards. He lives near Buffalo, NY with his beautiful wife and rambunctious Labrador retriever, Wally. Empires Passing is the first book in the Imperium Succession Saga, a series about the collapse of an interstellar empire, and the battle against an evil that can control Human minds and needs to feed off Human souls. What happens when Humans are given some of these same powers by a billion-year-old race? Can they resist temptation to use these abilities for their own purposes? Or does power corrupt