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Book By Author:  Diane Dunning

Greta Smart Figures It OUt
 Greta Smart Figures It OUt
 Greta Smart has risked everything to live the life of her dreams in Manhattan. Having built a successful career and supportive social circle, all 27-year-old Greta needs to complete her neatly-crafted world is the right man. Then, one fateful week, a perfect storm of events upends everything Greta has worked so hard for. Her father calls from Michigan with news that the grandmother she adores is gravely ill, thus forcing a trip home to the world that Greta had fled. Next, a drunken lunch with a former coworker destroys Greta’s reputation at work and nearly ends her career as the specter of layoffs looms. Finally, Greta is harangued by her roommate into going on a “nondate,” where she meets Henry, a computer programmer visiting from the West Coast. He falls for her but can’t get past the wall she’s built between them. As Greta’s world is turned inside out, she’s forced to redefine the meaning of life and love. As a result, she is freed from her own rigid expectations. She opens her heart to forgiveness and change, and… to Henry…
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Greta Smart hooks you in a delightful read about finding true love.


My hook for this novel was when Greta was on a blind date from an internet site and the guy opens with “You’re not beautiful.”  That is the point I knew I would like this book and it was the first paragraph.  Throughout the story we are taken through a small portion of how Greta Smart Figures It Out.  Diane Dunning has written an entertaining fast paced novel about Greta who is in her late 20’s living in New York and searching for true love.  Dunning creates a character that makes you want to shake some sense into her and at the same time you can identify with some of these reaction to life.  Greta goes through being dumped in the first paragraph to dealing with tough work issues and then taking a second chance on a blind date.  She moves into a reflective mode when her grandmother passes away unexpectedly and here the story takes a turn.  The loss of a loved one causes Greta to start to reflect on her realistic expectations of herself, her friends and family, and last but not least, her love life.  She begins to question her relationships with others including her strained relationship with her mother.  This is a turning point when we sometimes have that “aha” moment as we grow older and start to see our parent’s and family member’s lives through a more mature lens and it is a definite turning point for Greta.

I appreciated the way Dunning took Greta to a more mature and experienced place while keeping the read completely engaging and entertaining.  Part if this was the minor characters and the way they moved in and out of the storyline with ease enriching Greta’s depth of character and growth.  Greta does start to figure out how she wants to live life and what she wants in love.  I won’t give away the ending but I look forward to Greta Smart growing up even more and can hardly wait to see how she figures it out in her next phase of life.


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Diane Dunning Author:  Diane Dunning


Diane Dunning is a fiction writer. Her newest novel is Greta Smart Figures It Out, a story of love and imperfection. She lives in California with her family and two dogs.