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Book By Author:  Diane Dunning

One Short Year
 One Short Year
 Short Stories / Collection

College student Greta endures a shattered attempt at sophistication through wine class; teen surfer Kai struggles to find meaning as he copes with his father's death; Andy, a wanna-be corporate climber, fumbles his image makeover before he even makes it into the office. Through a series of haiku-like vignettes, One Short Year takes you to the lives of 10 characters coping with poignant, sometimes funny, situations.

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An intriguing book of short stories based on blog posts created throughout a year.


One Short Year by Diane Dunning is a good quick read and her method for writing the book was intriguing.  Dunning created a blog when her kids went back to school and wrote a number of short story blog posts in order to find her voice as a fiction writer.  The stories she included in One Short Year were the most popular on her blog.  They are compiled into sections that are the four seasons: fall; winter; spring and summer.  

These are short vignettes and so some stories don’t have a definite start or finish to them; however all are engaging and down to earth and you are left thinking that Dunning may continue with some of the characters at a later time and perhaps spin off into a book.  Some of the short stories have you laughing out loud and others make you stop and ponder.  I think that part of the reason you tend to stop and think about some of these is because your imagination is able to take hold of the scene or character and carry on with how you think the story may progress or perhaps ponder what happened just before the story began.  My absolute favourite was Love, Mark.  This had not been published before and is about two sisters and their summer vacation.  It was heartfelt and real.  One Short Year is easy to read in one sitting and I am looking forward to more from Diane Dunning.


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Diane Dunning Author:  Diane Dunning


Diane Dunning is a fiction writer. Her newest novel is Greta Smart Figures It Out, a story of love and imperfection. She lives in California with her family and two dogs.