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Sex, drugs and rock and roll. What more does a novel need?

Be prepared to take a trip when reading When Life Was Like a Cucumber by Greg Wyss. This trip will be unlike any one you have ever taken before. That is unless you were in your 20s, living in the late 1960s and early 1970s on the East coast, more 

Book By Author:  Jim Jesson

The Next Act
 The Next Act
 Maine Authors Publishing

    If variety is the spice of life, then get ready for some tasty spices. Like many detectives, I wore many hats. Just when I was hot on a trail, I'd be reassigned, or loaned to a different division. Occasionally frustrated, I learned to live with the changes, but longed for the day when I could strike out on my own as a private investigator and choose my cases. The Next Act contains twenty detective stories in unusual settings and circumstances, when I was both a police detective and a P.I.

  Listening to the reader, we include many more stories than our first book, The Case Book of Detective Jim Jesson. You also asked for different and funny stoires. Being different is my signature, the humor comes with the oddity of the cases. With ample clues, follow along with us as we try to solve unusual and challenging cases in our career.  

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A highly entertaining mystery and crime book containing 20 short stories.


The Next Act by authors Jim Jesson and Pete Jesson is engrossing and highly entertaining. The book contains twenty short stories spanning the life of a detective Jim and his son Pete…yes, the authors. The short stories are about individual cases that Jim, and sometimes Pete, investigated and solved.  They are not in chronological order and The Next Act jumps back and forth from Jim being in elementary school solving a puzzling case of musical chairs to being a police detective chasing down suspects in a mob heist. He moves on to become his own private investigator solving mysteries through the many referrals he has gained throughout his years.

Jim was born to be a detective and we soon see why he is in demand to solve any mystery. He calls on his techie son Pete to join him in some of the cases as decades pass and technology becomes part of the puzzles. What I really liked about this book is the diversity of the stories. From seemingly mundane cases which are solved with extra ordinary circumstances to the complete opposite with complex problems being solved quickly with the simplest answers. Jim and Pete have definitely interesting lives.

Now as authors, Jim and Pete can also hold their own. Using a lighthearted narrative style from Jim's point of view, it pulls you into the plot of each story quickly and the clues start piling up to see if you can solve that mystery before Jim does. The interaction with Jim and the minor characters makes you feel like Jim has known them for years and, maybe he has. This book is a winner, but I am a bit miffed that Jim and Pete put in only Part I of two different stories and no Part 2’s!! Now I will have to read their next book to see how Jim and Pete solve the Missing Math Man and the Mr. Dix story.


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Jim Jesson Author:  Jim Jesson


Eighty years a detective, I've been writing for the past 18 months. The Next Act is our latest detective book following The Case Book of Detective Jim Jesson and Recollections of a WWII Coast Guardsman.