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Book By Author:  Amanda Nicolet

The Zombie in Me
 The Zombie in Me
 Science Fiction
 1481100521 978-1481100526

Sarah has a dark, ugly secret.  There’s something wrong with her but she’s not exactly sure how it came to be.  All she knows is that, sometimes, at night, she turns into a zombie.


It’s been happening for about a month now as far as she can tell, since about a month ago was the first time she woke up covered in blood and gore.  She still gets chills thinking back on that first, horrifying morning.  Who her victims have been, she doesn’t know.  Sarah can only hope that the police won’t catch her or that someone else won’t kill her in self-defense.


Sarah continues her college studies where she literally runs into Max, a good-looking, mysterious stranger who catches her eye.  Max ambushes her by telling her he knows what she is and what she’s done.  Sarah has no choice but to trust Max, as he has offered to help her figure out what’s going on and why.  Max’s father, Sam, is also helping Sarah and together, the three of them work on her zombie problem.  Sarah fervently hopes she can avoid killing either of them and eating their brains as they help her.


Max and Sarah grow close as they unravel the mystery behind her zombie transformations.  Sarah learns that there is a powerful entity behind her affliction, one that could potentially infect millions of other people.  Just as they start making some headway, Sam is kidnapped.  Now the kidnappers want Sarah in exchange for Sam. 


What do the kidnappers have to do with all of this?  Why do they want Sarah?  Are they also connected to Sarah’s zombie affliction?  What will Max and Sarah do?  How will they get Sam back?  There are more surprises in store – one Max would never have suspected.

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Author:  Amanda Nicolet