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Book By Author:  Susie L Vanderlip

The Story of Chester, the Monarch Caterpillar/Larva
 The Story of Chester, the Monarch Caterpillar/Larva


The Story of Chester, the Monarch Caterpillar/Larva is the real-life photo storybook of Chester the Caterpillar on his mission to find his life purpose - to become a beautiful Monarch butterfly! The Story is captured in brightly-colored photographs and amazing live-action video that is enthralling to children ages 3 thru 9 as well as adults. Monarch caterpillars are ambitious, ravenous and energetic creatures with loads of personality.  Read and watch as Chester eats and EATS and EATS as he grows 100 times bigger than the day he hatched from an egg.
Chester has many sticky little feet to hold onto his home (host) plant of milkweed. As he climbs to find juicy leaves, flowers and seed pods, he interacts with other caterpillars. True life adventure ensues as other caterpillars are sometimes friendly but sometimes reject and bully him.. Nevertheless, Chester shows great character as he remains determined and undeterred in his search to find his life plan. Chester succeeds in making his chrysalis, an unusual green house he makes and he didn't even know he could do it! Chester emerges as a magnificent and gorgeous butterfly!
Follow along word-for-word narration by Susie Vanderlip on the Nook. Enjoy narration plus amazing real-life action video on iBookstore, and book only on Kindle. More information on Chester at  or Join him on Facebook at and
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Author:  Susie L Vanderlip